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15 September 2023

Five reasons to do an NPQ with the National Institute of Teaching

From our experienced school-led facilitators, to our unique virtual visits, here are 5 reasons why you should do an NPQ with the National Institute of Teaching.

The National Institute of Teaching currently has over 1,000 teachers and school leaders participating in our NPQs, delivered nationally from our regional campuses and through a network of Associated Colleges. We are committed to being school-led – our programmes are delivered by individuals who work in schools, right now.

NPQs are currently free for most teachers and school leaders.

To find out more about our 8 NPQs, click here. Applications for our next cohorts are open until 8th October 2023.

Here are five reasons why you should do an NPQ with us:

Expertise from the frontline: professional development delivered by people who work in schools, right now

Teachers want to learn from other teachers. Our programme content is delivered by excellent teachers and leaders working in brilliant schools, right now. They speak your language; they understand the challenges you face. Benefit from their deep expertise, real-world insights and practical strategies that have been tried and tested in today’s classrooms.

We show as well as tell.

Our strong exemplification helps you put what you’ve learned into practice. We give useful and practical advice on how to problem-solve and apply learning in your own context, via exemplars from some of the best teachers and school leaders in the country. You’ll also have the chance to practice what you’ve learned in a safe, supportive space.

Get a backstage pass to some of the best schools in the country – without leaving your office

See what really happens on a normal day in a great school with our virtual visits – through the eyes of a great leader, but with expert narration to unpack and explain how practices were decided on, developed, implemented and sustained. You can experience the energy and dynamism of live teaching in action without the need for travel or disrupting a lesson.

Be part of something bigger.

Join a movement of teachers creating lasting change.

✅ Be part of a network of passionate educators

✅ Be a catalyst for change

✅ Develop yourself, support others

Unlock the power of research.

Our NPQs blend seamlessly with our in-house research and best practice function. Gain exclusive access to up-to-date research and invaluable insights, empowering you to implement evidence-based strategies in your practice.

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