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28 July 2023

Successful Ofsted outcome for NIoT's NPQ programmes

We are delighted to share that the NIoT has received a successful outcome from our first Ofsted Lead Provider Monitoring Visit (LPMV).

We are delighted to share that the NIoT has received a successful outcome from our first Ofsted Lead Provider Monitoring Visit (LPMV).

The aim of the Lead Provider Monitoring Visit was to assess the quality of our NPQs via a series of interviews, observations and surveys conducted with our leaders, facilitators and participants.

'Ambitious vision for education'

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive , highlighting the NIoT’s ‘ambitious vision for education’ and noting our unwavering dedication to being ‘school-led’ as a stand-out feature of how we approach the design and delivery of our NPQs. They drew attention to the meticulous, evidence-based approach our leaders take to curriculum planning, ensuring that our participants have multiple opportunities to engage in deliberate practice and apply the theory within their own context to help make learning stick in the classroom . They commented that consideration of participant workload is 'at the heart of how we plan our programmes', exemplifying our leadership team’s commitment to teacher wellbeing.

'Inspirational facilitators'

Our rigorous selection process for facilitators and the support we give them was also spotlighted. This was further strengthened by glowing feedback from our NPQ participants, who praised the high quality of the training they have had so far, even going so far as to describe their facilitators as inspirational. The report recommended some small areas for improvement which will be built into our ongoing work to incorporate feedback and continually improve our programmes.

'Useful every day'

Our Executive Director of Programmes, Reuben Moore, said:

“I’m absolutely delighted that we have received such a positive outcome from our first Ofsted visit.

"We want our programmes to be useful to leaders every day. It was great to hear that our participants agree and that they share our ambitious vision for education. We also know how busy leaders are and that Ofsted recognised how we ensure that workload of the programme is managed effectively.

"Of course, there is always more to be done, and we look forward to welcoming Ofsted back for a full inspection soon."

You can read the full report on the Ofsted website.

NPQs: Did you know?

- The NIoT currently has over 1,000 teachers and school leaders participating in our NPQs, delivered nationally from our regional campuses and through a network of Associated Colleges.

- We are committed to being school-led – our programmes are delivered by individuals who work in schools, right now.

- NPQs are currently free for most teachers and school leaders.

To find out more about our 8 NPQs, click here. Applications for our next cohorts are open until 8th October 2023.

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