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Our ECF programme provides MORE impact in LESS time.

We respect teacher time and expertise and have designed lean, clean systems that make the programme run smoothly

Shaping the next generation of school trust leaders

The first cohort of 25 Fellows have now started the School Trust CEO Programme, designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to ensure successful leadership at scale.

NPQ for SENCOs: A new qualification for the sector

As we launch the NPQ for SENCOs, our Head of NPQs Jo Facer delves into what is different about the new qualification and what this means for SEND provision.

Why choose to study with us

Research led

We generate our own research and implent our findings into our programmes

Expert contributors

For teachers, by teachers or teacher educators who are experts in their field

Time efficient

For teachers, by teachers or teacher educators who are experts in their field

Nationwide network

We work with a network of associate colleges across the country.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a school system that nurtures the talents of teachers and leaders at all stages of their careers, so they can provide children with the world-class education they deserve.

Why study with the NIoT

  • We are generating our own research into what works best in professional development, and implementing our findings immediately in our own programmes.
  • Our learning includes contributions from schools in a range of different contexts, as well as from teachers and teacher-educators who are specialists in their fields.
  • Our time-efficient programmes have been drawn up specifically to meet the needs of busy teachers.

Meet our Associate Colleges

The NIoT is working with a network of Associate Colleges across the country. These successful groups of schools work with a wide variety of communities across the country, and are established experts in teacher professional development.

Our research

Our research agenda is determined by teachers and leaders. We will use what we learn to constantly improve the programmes we offer – from teacher training through to NPQs – so that they can act as an exemplar.

And our evidence will be available to all schools, not just those working with us so that it will benefit the wider system and ultimately, all pupils.

What are NPQs?

School leadership, at any level, can be complex and challenging. The aim of the national professional qualifications (NPQs) is to support teachers and leaders meeting these challenges, and to bring out the best in them, their colleagues and their pupils.

There are four leadership NPQs, covering senior leadership, headship, executive leadership and early-years leadership. And there are five NPQs for teachers and leaders who want to develop their expertise in specialist areas of teaching practice.

“The world-class teacher development that results from the Institute will enable and inspire the nation’s school workforce to give all children the high-quality education they need and deserve.”

Sir Dan MoynihanChair of the National Institute of Teaching & CEO of the Harris Federation

"The NIoT will serve as a beacon for the profession, a testament to the value that society places on the education of our educators and an investment in our children's futures for many years to come."

Melanie RenowdenCEO of the National Institute of Teaching
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