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PGTA: What are the benefits for your school

Utilising the apprenticeship route to train talented support staff into qualified teachers can offer numerous benefits to schools. Here are the top five reasons why schools should consider the Postgraduate Teaching Aprrenticeship:

Investment in Existing Talent

Training support staff through apprenticeships allows schools to invest in their existing workforce. These individuals are already familiar with the school's culture, policies, and students, making them valuable assets. By providing a pathway for career advancement for graduates, schools demonstrate their commitment to developing and retaining talented staff members.


Apprenticeships can be a cost-effective way for schools to address staffing needs. Unlike hiring external candidates, training existing staff via the apprenticeship route can reduce recruitment and induction costs. Additionally, apprenticeship funding covers the course fee and for some subjects, salary bursaries are available, making the route financially prudent for both staff and apprenticeship candidates.

Immediate Teaching Capacity Boost

Unlike traditional trainee teachers who may require a period of observation and gradual integration into the classroom, apprentices can hit the ground running. With their own class from day one, they immediately contribute to the school's teaching workload, allowing for a more efficient use of resources and addressing staffing needs more effectively. This immediate capacity boost not only helps alleviate teaching shortages but also provides valuable hands-on experience for the apprentice, making it a win-win situation for both the school and the aspiring teacher.

Retention and Morale

Offering apprenticeship opportunities to support staff can enhance staff morale and motivation. Providing a clear pathway for career progression demonstrates that the school values its employees and is committed to their professional development. This, in turn, can lead to greater job satisfaction, increased loyalty, and higher staff retention rates, benefiting the school in the long term.

Diverse Perspectives and Continuity

Support staff who transition into teaching bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the role. Their firsthand knowledge of the school's operations and student population can enrich teaching practices and contribute to a more inclusive learning environment. Additionally, training support staff to become teachers can promote continuity within the school community, as these individuals are already familiar faces to students, parents, and colleagues.

Hear from the Employers

Sally Herbert is a Principal in Greater Manchester and shares her experience of supporting a member of her team, Sam to undertake the Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship.

Supporting an Apprentice to train to teach

"When the opportunity arose to support Sam to train via the apprenticeship route, this felt like the perfect option as it would enable him to stay in our school, enabling us to truly 'grow our own' and we would be able to fund his training from the apprenticeship levy, removing a potential financial barrier."
Sally Herbert
Principal, Oasis Academy, Harpur Mount
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