ECF Pre-registration

Please use this form to inform us that you would like to use the National Institute of Teaching Early Career Framework Programme with your Early Career Teachers and mentors.

This registration form should be completed by the Induction tutor, but can be completed by a HR Representative or other SLT Member authorised to contract on behalf of the school.

This form should not be completed by the Early Career Teacher (ECT).

  1. Complete this short form.
  2. When the Department for Education open for registrations, you will receive a link to their platform, so that you can add further details of your ECTs.
  3. We will contact you to enrol your school onto our platform and provide you with downloadable ‘Flying Start’ content for your ECTs and mentors to start using immediately.

If you have any queries, please get in touch via

For more information about how we use your data please see our Privacy Notice

Please allow 5 minutes to complete this application - you will need to complete it in one sitting.

To help you do this, before starting this application make sure you have to hand:

  • Your school details
  • Induction tutor details
  • ECF Lead details (the person in your school who holds the DfE Early Career Portal login)
  • The URN number for your school. Not sure? You can find it here
  • The number of ECTs (Year 1) and Mentors you predict will be in your school from September 2023
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