Early Career Teachers

We provide impact through innovation, making the Early Career Framework easier to manage in schools

Why choose NIoT?

The National Institute of Teaching’s ECF programme provides IMPACT through INNOVATION​

The Early Career Framework is an incredible feat, a brilliant initiative to support new teachers by giving them a world-class induction programme.​

But it’s hard to get that right, and any large-scale implementation is not going to be without its teething problems.​

We’ve had a chance to observe, listen, and learn from what’s gone before - and because we are rooted in schools, we understand the pressures that headteachers and trust leaders are under.

We’re able to innovate – being agile in responding to the concerns, needs, and pain points of schools – without the need to undo already agreed delivery frameworks.​

By partnering with the National Institute of Teaching, you demonstrate your commitment to developing and supporting your early career teachers. Together, we can create an environment where educators thrive, students excel, and your school achieves its full potential.

What makes our programme different?

Embedding great teaching

  • Our programme has been iterated and tested to ensure that it provides MORE impact in LESS time. Our content gives the ECT and mentor a scaffold to support their learning, so they have access to what they need to know, when they need to know it.
  • We respect teacher time and expertise. Too often, we’ve heard that teachers’ existing expertise and knowledge isn’t respected, with mentors feeling constrained by the framework and ECTs feeling frustrated by repetitive content. For ECTs, we’ve designed a curriculum which builds on what’s gone before. And for mentors, we believe we’re the only provider offering an innovative model for subject-specific training in year 2.
  • We can’t get rid of all the admin associated with ECF, but we have designed innovative lean, clean systems that make the programme run smoothly. We have excellent participant support from teams who have long provided tech, digital and admin support in schools. They provide a personalised, responsive service at scale.

How will ECF benefit your school?

Investing in the development and support of early career teachers is not only beneficial to them but also to your school and the wider educational community. Here's why:

  • Retention and job satisfaction: Early career teachers who receive quality support and professional development are more likely to stay in the profession and thrive. By investing in their growth and well-being, you create a positive work culture that fosters job satisfaction and reduces attrition rates.
  • Enhanced Teaching Practice: Providing targeted support and training to your early career teachers directly impacts the quality of teaching in your school. As they gain pedagogical knowledge, instructional strategies, and classroom management skills, they become more effective educators who can deliver engaging and impactful lessons.
  • Positive Impact on Student Learning: Well-supported early career teachers are better equipped to meet the diverse needs of their students, resulting in improved learning outcomes. Investing in their development ultimately leads to positive academic growth and student achievement within your school.
  • Professional Learning Community: Supporting early career teachers builds a strong professional learning community within your school. This collaboration and sharing of expertise create a vibrant culture of continuous improvement, where staff members learn from one another and collectively elevate the teaching practice.

Together, let's shape the next generation of educators

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Good mentors: the secret to teacher retention?

One of the most persistent issues in education is how to improve teacher recruitment and retention.

The new Early Career Framework was introduced specifically to tackle this. If new teachers are leaving because they feel overwhelmed and under-supported, then the support we offer them needs to be improved. We need to help them develop the good habits that will sustain them throughout their careers and will enable them to become the teachers their pupils deserve. This is where mentors come in.

Speakers announced for ECF expert national webinars

The National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) is thrilled to announce a series of expert national webinars as part of its innovative Early Career Teachers programme.

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